"Busy people get things done!" That's how the saying goes. And I hate saying I'm busy to anyone because it feels like I'm shuffling them aside. But it certainly isn't my intention so I stopped saying I'm busy and now take more time to consider just what it is that the universe is presenting to me at the moment. And it presents lots of interesting stuff!

So this page is just to let you know what I am up to now!

  • Personal Project - A book about the colours of know the Colours of Newfoundland ads you saw on TV last year featuring the little girl skipping through a summer field or Jelly Bean Row in St. John's NL? Well, Rob and I spent two weeks in June there and I found and photographed every colour in a large crayon box! What a truly beautiful province! I have images of whales, icebergs, puffins, and beautiful coloured houses to create something interesting. I might even share it!
  • Nature Photography - Bears this spring, but now I'm onto birds! Lots of them! Hummingbirds at the moment are my biggest challenge, trying to get sharp images of them. They're so fast!
  • Family photo sessions - I'm focusing on a few more family sessions this year. Why? Because they are fun and challenging at the same time. I love making products like albums and matted prints for framing that friends and families will cherish. Have you ever put an old family photo album on a table and opened it up when a child was near? Try it sometime. Tell them who those people are, and where they are. Kids love it! And adults too! When I visited my now 80-yr-old aunt a few years ago, one of the first things we did was go through her recent albums to catch up on the family!
  • Real Estate photography - I really enjoy photographing interiors, and besides shooting for a few realtors who love my work, I'm doing a few commercial shoots for out-of-town companies that need great images for their annual reports and brochures, and my first AirBnB!
  • I started posting some of my images on INSTAGRAM. I wanted to see what the fuss was all about, but I'm not selfie shooter and I can barely make a good image with my Blackberry phone, so I upload images I love just to share with the world. And you know what? It's a blast! I get to see the work of people from all over the world just by adding a few hashtags that I think are relevant and when they like my image (I LOVE getting Hearts!) I check out their stuff and love them back! Sometimes we even get a conversation going. So cool!

What are you up to?  Send me a message! Maybe we will do something together this year!