Filled with Love and Laughter

I heard this phrase from my parents but never really understood it until I had my own children. Now they are both over a quarter century old and I wonder where the time has gone. Luckily in my day, printing photographs was important. Collecting images for albums even more so.

Now in this digital age, the battle to get images from a cell phone to the computer is a struggle. And let`s hope we never lose a phone or those images will be gone forever!

Yes, kids do grow up too fast. Is there a special occasion you would like to have documented? Maybe even printed so it can hang in your home where your children can see how much you love and appreciate them?

Let's chat about your children...

It may be a family session you are wanting, with a focus on your children. Or you may desire a Fine Art wall portrait of your child dressed for her first dance recital, or just a typically beautiful day where you are out playing in a sunlit field. I want to capture that for you to reveal a beautiful moment in time.

Modern Family Portraiture

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I'd love to chat with you about creating your special piece of art. or 250-649-8422

Captured Forever